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PVC Wallpaper Collections

  • Pluto The Timeless Beauty Of Nature

    The combination of beautiful colors from natural materials
    such as tile and pearl and geometric patterns based on marble
    creates unchangeable beauty over time.

  • Living The Criterion for wallpaper selection!

    The biggest concern which
    1,000 consumers worry is mold
    Living, total solution wall coverings with
    anti fungal function, will be standard
    for wall covering choice for our home.

  • Forte One beautiful symphony created by various melodies

    Just like “Forte” adds intensity to the music, Metallic color “gold” & “silver” adds elegances and diversities to the collection.
    One beautiful symphony created by various melodies,
    One beautiful collection created by harmonious patterns.

  • Mustang A Delicate Craftsmanship Like a Piece of Time

    The most modernized Modern & Natural collection
    that brings strength.
    The collection consists of patterns that reinterpreted
    strength of straight lines, magnificence of nature and depth.

  • Scarlet A workshop of a colorful artist

    The most sensually modernized collection
    that brings beauty of colors.
    The collection brings beauty of curves, sparkles created
    by light and colorful performances of decorations.

  • Circle Life is Balance

    The collection providing an experience of of purifying body
    and soul for fatigued modern people.
    As the collection of highlighting 'Natural' you can
    feel bright colors and soft patterns

  • Phoenix Life is balance

    It's the collection to feel nature in modern city based on
    modern and linear design of city. You can create an unusual atmosphere with various color. We hope you create a lively atmosphere in the space with phoenix.

  • Veluce Three style concept in the door.

    The door is a connection point from the present to the past.
    The door become a link to coexist with classic,
    antique and modern style.

  • Sketch The color therapy with Sketch

    The home is only and unique place for our relaxation.
    Please, enjoy and feel the healing atmosphere by color
    comes from the nature. The color therapy comes from the
    nature for you. The Sketch collection provides
    a perfect therapy for you.

  • Dream World Growing creativity makes dream come true
    in the dream world collection

    It’s born by the heart of parent who want their children
    to be healthy and wise with an environment for their dreams.
    Dream world would make it possible to dream in personal
    space and grow with hope by cooperating with Disney.

  • Simple Easy, Simple life for personal space.

    There is nothing more marvelous and beautiful than nature.
    Our home should be a place like nature.
    The place protects us from the cold, recalls the memories of childhood with old friends, and comforts our soul.
    That is why home needs to be simple, and should never get old.
    Shinhan’s Simple collection would fill your space with the most natural look.

  • Natural Live in nature

    The Natural collection is a signature collection of Shinhan
    wallcoverings which loved by many customers for a long
    time. We try to bring the real rock, colorful wood, and fresh
    green plants of natural scenery help to decorate the interior
    space with color and deep textures.


Duplex wallpaper collections

  • Iris Be Kind, IRIS

    What shall we do for our home wallpaper?
    The space has been with us, but we still make a poor decision
    about the space. It is always hard to make a right decision on our
    living space even we live in. IRIS has been made for perfection of
    every living-space from the space we choose to the space we stay
    and share each other. From the first time to select to the last stay, Iris
    collection is a perfect solution for your living space. The easiest
    way for smart and reasonable choices, Iris collection would help
    you to be comfortable with every space of your home.

  • Pine-Heim Reasonable emotion, “Pine-Heim”

    We respect the customer's practical taste for lifestyle and that
    is why Pine-Heim collection is a perfect solution for you.
    Pine-Heim has a unique natural mood of paper and mixture
    of rich pattern and colorways.
    Complete your space with own taste!


Special Wallpaper collections

  • Mural Art Art of a strong feeling Mural Art

    A Free and creative space can be composed by vitality of
    nature, elegance of famous paintings and modernity of
    cities as decorative interior materials, a differentiated space
    can be displayed through the strong art sense.