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  • 2018 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘Simple’, ‘IRIS’, ‘Sketch’, ‘Living’,
    ‘Dream World(Overseas)’, ‘FRESCO’, ‘PHOENIX’/’CIRCLE’
  • 2017 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘Simple’, ‘Pine Heim’, ‘IRIS’, ‘Sketch’,
    ‘Living’, ‘CLASSICO’, ‘FLOWER SHOP’, ‘NOVA’/’IKON’,
  • 2016 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘IRIS’, ‘Living’, ‘FELIZ(1,2)’, ‘JAYEONLIM’,
    Relocated to the new head office
    2nd CEO Kim Seong Dae took office
  • 2015 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘Simple’, ‘IRIS’, ‘Sketch’, ‘VIVID’, ‘FELIZ1,2’,
    ‘Dream World’, ‘The CEILING’, ‘VELUCE’, ‘CLASSICO’,
    Awarded “USD 20 million Export Tower” $ 20,000,000
  • 2014 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘G .Stoneart’, ‘Pine Heim’, ‘IRIS’,
    ‘NATURAL’, ‘it:space9’ Received Grand Prix at Sejong the Great Sharing & Volunteer
  • 2013 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘G .Stoneart’, ‘IRIS’, ‘Sketch’, ‘VERENA’,
    ‘N.REAL’, ‘Dream World’, ‘ZENITH’, ‘it:space8’ Received Grand Prix for Customer Satisfaction Management,
    Selected as a Good Taxpayer 2013 by Gyeonggi Province
  • 2012 Launch ‘Innosense’, ‘G .Stoneart(Luxel1,2)’, ‘Pine Heim’,
    ‘Sketch’, ‘CHARMANT’, ‘VERENA’, ‘The CEILING’, ‘BELITA’,
    ‘it:space7’ Participated in MOSBUILD 2012 in Russia, Awarded for
    contribution to " Sustainable growth & Creative City Gimpo"
    Participated in "Big 5 Show " in Dubai
    Awarded “USD 10 million Export Tower” $ 10,000,000
  • 2011 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium(Luxel1,2)’, ‘Innosense’,
    ‘S.Secret(SENSE1,2)‘, ‘KIDS & TEENS’, ‘it:space6’ Acquired ISO 14001 (environmental management system
    certificate), Participated in MOSBUILD 2010 in Russia,
    Participated in SAUDIBUILD 2010 in Saudi Arabia
    Awarded “USD 5 million Export Tower” $ 5,000,000
  • 2010 Signed license contracts with Warner Brothers and Hello Kitty
    Acquired Korean Standard mark Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Scarlet’, ‘N.REAL‘,
    ‘Dream World’, ‘it:space5’
  • 2009 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘Scarlet’,
    ‘Chon Ji-In ‘, ‘KIDS & TEENS’, ‘it:space4’
    Received Grand Prix at “Green Energy Company” Award,
    “Chon Ji-In” was selected as Aving VIP ASIA 2009 H1
  • 2008 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘Scarlet’,
    ‘Chon Ji-In ‘, ‘Dream World’, ‘Mural art’, ‘it:space3’ Established a logistic system. (Started outsourcing to Dongwon Logistics)
  • 2007 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘Scarlet’,
    ‘Chon Ji-In ‘, ‘Dream World’, ‘it:space2’
    Participated in Kyunghyang Housing Fair in 2003 Participated in the 6th ICAT “Clean Air, Pleasant Interior
    Space” Exhibition
  • 2006 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘UNO’, ‘Scarlet’, ‘Chon Ji-In ‘, ‘Dream World’, ‘Heim Tile’
    Developed wallpaper for nature and the environment
    In the middle of 2000 when “sick house syndrome” became a social concern, Shinhan launched “Chon Ji-In”.
    “Chon Ji-In” is Korea’s first wallpaper to be made of 100% natural water-soluble Acryl Sol and water color ink, free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and
    Volatile Organic Compounds. It received an Environment Minister’s award as “eco-friendly and healthy wallpaper”.
  • 2005 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘UNO’, ‘Scarlet’, ‘Chon Ji-In ‘, ‘Dream World’, ‘Heim Tile’
    Launched “Chon Ji-In”
    “Chon Ji-In” was selected as ‘No.1 Korean Brand’ by Seoul Economy Newspaper.
  • 2004 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘UNO’, ‘Maypole’, ‘Dream World’
    1st player in Korea to acquire “environment” label for natural wallpaper
    Signed a license contract with Disney and launched children’s collection “Dream World”
    Started operation of the third silk printing facility
    Developed functional wallpaper focusing on health
    Shinhan Wallcoverings looked to develop functional wallpaper that is good not only for the eyes,
    but also for health. Based on the study result that germanium benefits human health and
    far-infrared emitted from ocher soil not only stimulates metabolism, but also prevents mold and
    purifies air, Shinhan finally developed a product with germanium, causing a sensation in the
    wallpaper industry.
    Wallpaper that stimulates children’s imagination
    Shinhan Wallcoverings looked to offer happy experiences to children.
    Its first product with the aim was “Dream World”, a collection created in cooperation with Disney.
    The collection became popular not only in Korea but also in overseas markets, as wallpaper
    stimulating children’s curiosity and imagination.
  • 2003 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’, ‘UNO’
    Won Silver medal in manufacturing at Young Frontier Awards 2003 Awarded Grand Prix at “Environment Award“, Participated in
    Shanghai Housing Fair in China, Selected as the best housing
    brand by newspaper Good Day
  • 2002 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘Germanium Silk’, ‘Master Heim’
    Started operation of pollution prevention facility, RTO
  • 2001 Launch ‘Best Heim’, ‘HEIM SILK’ VOL.3, ‘Master Heim’
    1st player in the industry to acquire “environment” label
  • 2000 Launch Duplex Wallpaper ‘HEIM’ (VOL.4), ‘HEIM SILK’ VOL.2
    Completed the warehouse at Gimpo factory
    Relocation from Yesan Factory 1 to Gimpo Factory 2
  • 1999 Launch Duplex Wallpaper ‘HEIM’ (VOL.3), ‘HEIM SILK’ VOL.1
    Started production of silk wallpaper
  • 1998 Launch Duplex wallpaper ‘HEIM’ (VOL.2)
    Acquired ISO 9001 in the wallpaper area
  • 1997 Launch Duplex wallpaper ‘HEIM’ (VOL.1)
    Developed duplex wallpaper
    Starting with its first wallpaper “Heim”, Shinhan Wallcoverings continued to research and
    develop products with better design and quality, to improve people’s living space.
    Developed Silk wallpaper
    Shinhan successfully developed “Heim SILK”, a product with better design and quality compared
    to duplex wallpaper. This was a historic milestone where our first silk wallpaper was produced, boasting its high durability and luxurious embossed pattern.
  • 1996 Establish < Shinhan Wallcoverings Co., Ltd.