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Shinhan’s “space” is more than a place that looks pretty.
We enrich spaces by giving great attention to the purpose and intention of spaces.

Every space has its own problems, and every customer has potential needs.
Shinhan Wallcoverings improves quality of life by solving these problems of space and suggesting a new lifestyle for customers.

Overseas Business
Our Overseas Business Division globally supports clients who are expanding their business.

We have clients over 40 countries in worldwide and seven global business experts and four designers assist each client to fulfill their needs. Our main goal is to grow business with our partners every day
and conduct successful business operation, including product export, design & product development and business localization based on our know-hows gained from our experiences.

We support to provide product and service according to the needs of clients.

We have a strong brand identity for global market with our design and quality is well established for a long time. Because of the brand identity various clients can widely promote their business with us.
At the same time, we have various product range and specification for them to expand market. We support these clients nearby to do business in rapidly changing market situation based on our
know-hows gained from our experiences in manufacturing and worldwide distribution.
To respond to request from clients on time, we actively propose specialized products and marketing plan in the information distribution field.

Four Values of Overseas Business Division
Partnership, Perfection, Professionalism, Passion


Research &
Shinhan was the first to obtain an “eco-friendly” label in the
industry, and is strictly verifying new technologies with
expert research verification institutions.
We keep on challenging ourselves in R&D and creativity,
to create beautiful and healthy spaces.
Wallpaper takes up the biggest space in a home.
That is why Shinhan never stops looking at customers’ living spaces closely and searching for better solutions.
Shinhan Wallcoverings R&D Center’s passion persists, as it continues its technology innovations to add new values to wallpaper for customers worldwide.
  • Product planning customer analysis
    competition analysis
    Shinhan analysis
    idea selection
  • Development planning concept development and verification
    equipment design
    interpretation design
  • Product development quality assurance
    mass production
  • Living space Living space for comfort
    living space for health

Shinhan Wallcovering R&D Center’s differentiated technologies offers customers the best living space, which considers nature, people, and the space.

CI : Philosophy
We offer products for people, and trust.
Making safe products for customers with honesty is
Shinhan’s first and foremost value.
Shinhan complies with legal requirements, and applies
its own, stricter rules to earn the customer’s trust.
We make products for space, and building materials that
will offer more important values.
Since wallpaper takes up the biggest space of our living
area, we always strive to find the highest quality and
functions, to maximize the values of space.
Shinhan pursues healthy coexistence between people and
the environment.
At Shinhan, we work to minimize our business’s impact on
the environment. One example is the environmental
management system we built at the production logistics site.


Based on the insight on the fast-changing interior design
market, we study differentiated design and a variety of colors
to meet customers’ needs.
We work to help improve the quality of the customers’
life through thoughtful design that leads the trend.
We have thought deeply about what design meant.
Some people often misunderstand design as “something artistic”, but design is not just about aesthetics.
It is a methodological concept, including goal-oriented activities to solve problems.
That is why Shinhan listens to the smallest of customers’ voices and analyzes thoroughly to propose design solutions.
Shinhan Wallcoverings Design Research Center analyzes global trends through annual visits to
overseas markets, to realize the potential of offering beautiful spaces that enrich life.

Shinhan’s design process starts from in-depth study on quality of life.
Focusing on quality of life, we reflect the insights from the process on our design and study comfortable life and beautiful spaces.

Pattern Design
We plan the core concepts of a collection based on market
research and customer insights.
We then develop sensuous patterns, considering
design trends and product constructability.
Visual Design
We realize the collection’s identity based on a deep
understanding of core concepts.
We offer design that is friendlier and more convenient for the user,
considering various contexts the product will be found in
  • Insight analysis
    Market analysis
    - research on overseas and local trends
    Competition analysis
    Shinhan analysis
  • Set the direction
    Product planning
    Set the direction for stories to tell consumers
    Create collection’s identity
  • Plan the design
    Plan the concepts for the collection
    Develop brand stories
    Create visual identity
  • Living space
    Offer comfortable and
    beautiful living space

Points in Design Development

Aesthetic value
Consider if the patterns have
aesthetic values
Consider if the design
has the right functions
Economical value
Consider how much resource is
necessary to realize the design
Consider how easily the design can be built
Consider user friendliness and satisfaction
Consider harmony with the environment
and resource saving
Consider how well the design meets
customers’ needs
(cultural implication, design trend)
Consider compliance with design standards and rules