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Shinhan Wallcoverings accompanies you to a healthy and beautiful life.

The values Shinhan Wallcoverings expresses in space is a pursuit of beauty by nature, people, and businesses.
‘Beauty’ is realized when customers, society, and Shinhan work together to protect the environment and practice goodwill.
Shinhan Wallcoverings continues its journey towards valuable space, through long-standing coexistence.

Four Strategic
01Beauty for Customers
Shinhan values customers the most. Through innovative products,
it offers the best experience to customers, and cares about the
environment, and society through sustainable development from
material purchase to disposal.
02Beauty for Nature
Shinhan pursues health in people and the environment.
In awareness of the severity and urgency of environmental problems,
such as global climate change and resource depletion,
Shinhan strives to minimize its impact on the environment.
03Beauty of Growing Together
Shinhan believes in sharing the joy of business growth with its
members and the society. It also believes that the hard work
of those outside the company helped to make Shinhan what it is today.
Shinhan Wallcoverings is creating a bigger future through communication
and cooperation with its members and customers.
04Sharing for a Beautiful Society
Shinhan Wallcoverings will make bigger efforts to fulfill our social
responsibility as a global company.
“Creating happiness with Shinhan Wallcoverings”, initiated by
employees, is not just a hope, but Shinhan’s commitment to customers
and the society.
CEO Kim Seungdae
CEO Kim Seungdae, since appointed in 2016, solidified
Shinhan’s strengths around corporate values of beauty and
health, and showed great managerial skills and outstanding
leadership, to make Shinhan not just a leader in the Korean
market, but a global company.
Mr. Kim has a strong conviction that Shinhan’s values will be the new standards of values for space
in the world, and is working to showcase a completely new kind of beauty to customers worldwide,
through customer-focused thinking, active investment and continuous R&D efforts.
Mr. Kim and everyone at Shinhan will continue to do their best to realize the dream of filling the
world with beauty, and making Shinhan a company that wins customers’ respect.
Shinhan Wallcoverings has its roots in HEIM DUPLEX PAPER,
launched in 1997. Heim was the first product of Shinhan,
with an aim to make the kind of wallpaper the world needs.
With a mindset of “contributing to mankind by serving customers like my family and serving the
environment like my home”, Shinhan invested in facilities to improve paper quality, and built a
logistics system and more warehouses to keep its promises with customers. Shinhan was able to
settle quickly in the market, and focused on developing new products.