Shinhan Wallcoverings R&D
Wallpaper occupies the largest area in the house,
so Shinhan Wallcoverings manufactures wallpaper based on a more strict standard.
R&D efforts of Shinhan Wallcoverings continue
to make the customer's space a comfortable and safe place to rest.
  • Reduced pernicious ingredients.
    We are doing our best to reduce harmful ingredients by increasing the use of more eco-friendly water-based ink and obtaining various eco-friendly certificates.
  • No concern about sick house syndrome(SHS)
    Shinhan Wallcoverings develop new technology to suppress formaldehyde and fungus. Developed a wallpaper containing deodorizing effect. (only in certain types)
  • Healthy home through anti-fungus technology and anti-bacterial system
    By adding 'anti-fungus technology' which is selected as the most necessary function for wallpaper by consumers and through 'anti-bacterial function', Shinhan Wallcoverings provides a safer and healthier space.
  • Pollutants Emission DOWN
    Through state-of-the-art facility systems and RTO(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer), we are making more efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that may occur during the wallpaper manufacturing process.
  • Thorough Inspection using Color Dispenser and Screen Inspection Device
    We use color dispensers to inject the correct amount of ink to create a more reliable color, and check product defects thoroughly by screen inspection system.